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Te Aroha

Home to the 'Hunt n Cast' New Zealand's flagship store, Te Aroha village is located on the lower foothills of Mount Te Aroha in the northeast of the Waikato region, the settlement of Te Aroha has a proud history as a gold mining boom-town and spa resort. The town’s identity is founded around its heritage, and you’ll find no shortage of things to do in Te Aroha

There are plenty of thing to do in Te Aroha besides visiting our store. Te Aroha is home to the world's only hot water soda geyser the 'Mokena geyser' The hot water mineral springs that flow from under Mt Te Aroha have been visited for their therapeutic properties since the first people arrived in the area. In the late 19th century, the town was the most popular spa resort in the country.

The 'Hauraki Rail Trail' one of the finest North Island attractions for cycling enthusiasts passes through the town. 'Hunt n Cast' store has a fleet of E bikes for hire. You can enquire/book your bikes through our website or call us on 07 884 8180 / 0210490266.

Kayaking enthusiasts can go on a self guided kayak tour on the beautiful Waihou river operated by 'Kelvin' who's a highly qualified and very experienced guide. To book please go to their website

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48 Rewi St. Te Aroha

New Zealand 3320

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