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When you need Game hunting tools that can keep up with your appetite for adventure, come see us at Hunt n Cast. We are a local hunting store in New Zealand, and we carry everything a busy outdoorsman needs to hunt with confidence. We carry only the most trusted brands in the industry, and we are proud to supply all of our customers with high-quality game hunting tools, so they feel confident when they’re out in the wilderness. We understand how important it is for you to trust your equipment, so we offer only the highest quality products to ensure that you feel in control while you’re out on a hunt.
We founded Hunt ‘n Cast New Zealand out of a love for the great outdoors. New Zealand is a country with so much natural splendor, we want our fellow Kiwis to get the most out of it and to be able to interact with mother nature in the way we were designed. Human beings have been hunting and fishing for thousands of years and there is something truly special about reconnecting with the natural environment. That’s why we decided to sell high-quality game hunting tools and fishing equipment to those who want to experience that primal connection.
If you live in New Zealand and you need a hunting store near you that cares about its customers and their experience in the outdoors, visit our online store. We carry everything from bow staff to fishing lures and no matter what kind of tools you’re in the market for, we’re happy to make recommendations.

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48 Rewi St. Te Aroha

New Zealand 3320

+64 (0)7 884 8180

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